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Voice Questionnaire System

Some departments (Quality Control Department, Customer Service) face some difficulties regarding to distributing their short questionnaires in order to get clear answers that are good enough to serve their researches and studies, where these departments are always looking for an easy and effective way to reach their goal and receive the needed results, the idea of voice questionnaire became a need.
Voice Questionnaire: is a service provided by Mobily.ws allows the client to initiate a questionnaire in voice clips formats to be sent as an interactive voice message to the recipients in order to respond to it immediately.

Voice Questionnaire use




Quality Control and Customer Service departments


Social and educational researchers








Price: 1.4 Halala/Second

Main message time starts counting for the sent message by “seconds” added to the waiting period specified by the message maker, in addition to calling fees “3 seconds”
in KSA only

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The prices above are subject to the sending agreement and based on the cost price and the changes occur on it.