About Mobily.ws

Voice Messaging Service

Did you ever wonder about the perfect way to send offers or time sensitive SMS messages to your clients without facing the problem that these messages will not be seen?
Or did you ever wonder about the fastest way to reach your clients directly?

Well, the answer is voice messages. The new service provided by mobily.ws is a communication tool that connect you with many people in order to provide a pre-recorded message by converting the text message into a recorded message or by recording the message through the website and then download it, or by downloading a voice message that has been already prepared.it is also known as VoiceSMS, Voice broadcast or it’s simply an automatic connection tool to provide voice messages to any mobile phone or land line around the world.



Voice Messaging Advantages


  •   Recipient reaching percentage is higher comparing to other means
  •   A direct communication without any troubles
  •   Competitive prices and less cost comparing to other voice means
  •   Remarkable return values, as it reaches the recipient effectively
  •   Available 24/7 and doesn’t need much time and effort
  •   Messages archiving option is available
  •   sending Automatic timed messages is available
  •   waiting response from the recipient option is available (in case of 2 way messages)
  •   listening to messages before sending is available
  •   sending to more than one contact list is available
  •   calling contact lists from pre-made files is available