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2 way messaging service

As a result of the capabilities provided by voice messages to the marketing departments in each and every field, sending interactive messages became a need to companies and organizations in order to enable them receive responses on the provided content. Because of that, the idea of using voice messaging to reach this goal became necessary. Mobily.ws developed the needed technical systems to keep up with this evolution and to satisfy its client base effectively.

2 way messaging use

2-way Voice messaging is used in interactive messages and messages with many options for response




Booking confirmation messages


Appointments confirmation, verification or cancelation


Service level evaluation messages








Price: 1.4 Halala/Second

Main message time starts counting for the sent message by “seconds” added to the waiting period specified by the message maker, in addition to calling fees “3 seconds”
in KSA only

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The prices above are subject to the sending agreement and based on the cost price and the changes occur on it.