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Abdulsalam Romaih

I’m proud either your excellent services or technical support It was not necessary for me as far as I’m eager to deal with technical support services which I have found classy and distinctive.
With my sincere Greetings and appreciation

Abdulsalam Romaih

Sarraf Mobiles

In fact all the services at Mobily are characterized by excellence; I wish all companies to be like yours in terms of provision of service, quality and the support staff who are very excellent persons.

Abdulrahman Shuqair , Founder

Insight Company

I would like to first thank you for inquiring about the customer satisfaction with your services. You have been providing us with the excellent professional service which is perfect, and thus I extend my thanks to all your staff members. We have been customers of yours for more than one year and till the time being we are provided by you with the distinguished service that is world-class.
We inform you that we have worked with a number of SMS service providers but their services do not have the quality and professionalism as that of yours. We hope that you will stay always on top in order to provide us the distinguished services to benefit from.

Mahmoud Subaihi , Project manager and system analyst

Da'wa Office in Saleel

My brothers in the Mobily SMS website, may Allah grant you success. I would like to thank your excellent and high-quality SMS services. In the recent days, many SMS websites appeared and their rates were 8, 7, 6, 5, and 4 Hallal’s, but their services are not like yours in terms of quick arrival of message. These websites do not guarantee the delivery of all messages to all numbers; some messages remain pending in account itself.
I ask Allah to grant you success and hope you will keep working hard and keep improving the level of service.

Saeed Abu Muhammad , SMS administrator

Al Kahlan Family

I would like to thank the website management and directors for their distinguished service and continued development which is the secret of our survival as customers for this website since its establishment.

Saleh Al Kahlan, SMS administrator

Hussein Lahibi from Iraq

I want to inform you that I’m so happy to exist Competent staff. In the past Abdul Rahman Al Kiswani help me and he has the sweet heart and today mohammad ghalib who help me to provide me the website services, I had left the site a while ago but today I went back after mohammad ghalib help me, thanks to all technical support staff Without exception and when I mentioned only two names because I found all respect.

Your brother Hussein Lahibi from Iraq

Al Enizi family

In fact, one is unable to express gratitude for the developed and new services provided by the website which emphasize your desire to easier and simplest ways for the SMS users. This is a right word that you deserve.
Thanks for Mobily SMS website which turned this service to be beneficial and involves social communication in events of happiness and sorrow.

Naief Aied Al Enizi, SMS administrator

Jinan Jawal Family

We thank you for this service which helped us to do good and spread benevolence. Many Thanks.

Abdulaziz Ibn Ghaith , SMS administrator

Farouq Charitable Seminars

May Allah help you in the efforts you exert in order to satisfy your customers and this is our advantage from you; you are the unique website distinguished with creativity, excellence, innovation and development.
May Allah protect you and grant you all success. We wish you more and more successful advancement.

Abu Mosa , SMS administrator

Dar Al Resalah Charity

This is the first and top SMS website that provides us with all services we need in a rapid manner. My thanks to its staff.

Anas Abdulrazzaq , SMS administrator

Modern Elite Laundry

Thanks and appreciation for all staff members of Mobily website especially those working in customer service department for their efforts and cooperation.
With my best wishes of success and prosperity for Mobliy SMS website.

Hamada Zakaria Al Shadi , Founder

Bardan Da'wa

I extend my heartily thanks for the continued development and for these great efforts exerted to serve the religion of Islam.
Many thanks and may Allah grant you all success.

Muraih Ibn Safar Al Jarrad , SMS administrator

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