Powerful Training Courses System

Training Courses System

If you have a training company, you need this System. It helps you communicate with customers or potential ones. You can also intimate details of courses over messages. The website is easy to use and has an attractive design.

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Program Features


Administrator interface:

  1. The administrator interface is protected by username and password.
  2. You can add training courses to the website.
  3. You can control website data like texts, images and others.
  4. You can make courses displayed to users.
  5. You can add website ads or banners.
  6. There is a contact us panel.
  7. The control panel is available in Arabic.
  8. The System is simple and user friendly.



Visitors interface (website):

  1. The website is integrated and easy to browse.
  2. It is available in both Arabic and English.
  3. There is a contact us section.
  4. They can add advertisement.
  5. There is a mailing list for them.
  6. They can register on the website.





Users and members interface:

  1. The user interface is protected by username and password.
  2. They can browse through and download courses.
  3. They have access to general settings related to their account.