Powerful Tabeeny System

Tabeeny System

If you are in the education sector, this System is very useful for you. You can send messages to parents and teachers with its help. It solves all the communication problems. The System is compatible with Noor.

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System Features


Administrator interface features

  1. You can connect with Noor Noor system which is supervised by the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia to serve students in all elementary and middle and high school
  2. You can send SMSs to parents about exam results.
  3. You can send SMSs updating them about school.
  4. You can inform parents about delays or absences.
  5. You can edit phone numbers directly on Noor through Tabe’ny.
  6. You can send monthly reports to parents.
  7. The System operates on the same device which operates Noor, or on another one connected with the internal network.
  8. You can select the name of the field which contains the mobile numbers in Noor.
  9. You can send free SMSs to teachers.
  10. You can add friends to the System and send them messages.
  11. You can import employee data from Noor.
  12. You can add message templates on the program.
  13. You can save a sent message so that you can send it again.