Powerful Sheikh System

Sheikh System

The System creates a website for Sheikhs where they can connect with more people, share learnings and manage events.

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System Features


Features :

  1. The System creates a website for Sheikhs.
  2. It displays sessions, lectures, articles, pictures and videos.
  3. The interface allows for communication with other Sheikhs.
  4. There is a visitor’s record available for viewing.
  5. You can display new events that are about to happen or have happened.
  6. You can show or hide any services on the website.
  7. You can schedule important dates as reminders.
  8. The administrator control panel is protected by Username and Password.
  9. The website is search engine friendly and user friendly with a sophisticated design.
  10. The pricing is competitive and technical support is made available round the clock in Arabic.