Powerful Shefa’a SMS System

Shefa’a SMS System

It’s a solution which is designed to serve organizations and companies in the medical sector. It enables you to identify clinics, doctors and departments, and to communicate with all patients in one environment. You can register patient appointments with a doctor and send a text message or a voice call to the customer to remind them of the appointment. The message and transmission time can be controlled, and the system has been redesigned to support both Arabic and English.

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System Features



  1. You can add multiple medical departments.
  2. You can add doctors to the lists and control their data.
  3. You can set reminders on the website.
  4. Patient registration can be done on the website.
  5. You can add dates of consultations on the patient’s file
  6. You will have an interface for sending SMSes.
  7. The System is automatic and works round the clock.
  8. You can edit sender names and stop a SMS that is being sent.
  9. It does not require special specifications of devices.
  10. The control panel is available in Arabic.
  11. The entire website is easy to use and simple in execution.