Powerful Real Estate System

Real Estate System

Want to connect to a large customer base on the internet? Use our Real Estate System to buy, sell and communicate with thousands of customers and agents. Use your own website to increase business.

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System Features


Administrator interface features

  1. The Administrator control panel is protected by username and password.
  2. You can choose to accept or reject subscribers as well as real estate ads.
  3. You can edit or delete real estate listings.
  4. You can control website lists like cities, countries etc.
  5. You can also edit website data like texts, pictures etc.
  6. You will be able to view and edit website news, text ads, ad banners etc.
  7. The interface is easy to use and is available in Arabic.



Members and real estate owners interface

  1. The Member’s control panel and real estate owners are protected through username and password features.
  2. They have access to internal mailing system for communication between stakeholders.
  3. They can add real estate listings easily.
  4. Addition of real estate listing in English is available.
  5. They can see visible and hidden ads.
  6. They also have a general settings panel.





Visitors interface (website)

  1. The website will be easy to browse and user friendly.
  2. The display can be English and /or Arabic.
  3. They will benefit from news on the website.
  4. They have access to sections like Contact us, Advertising, Real Estate, About us, Mailing list and other related sites.