Mawa’eed System

Appointments System

It’s a solution which is designed to help institutions and companies in sending text and voice messages automatically by linking the system with the client's database, the Organizations can configure the solution easily through:
1- Identifying the elements of transmission through the code of each model and the possibility of inserting fields from the database to the text message, in order to make it ready to be sent to the client
2- Add different types of message forms based on the conditions desired by the company or institution
3- Determining when to send messages automatically (before a certain number of hours or a certain number of days)
.... and many other features ....

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System Features


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  1. You can manage the SMS contents and templates.
  2. You will have a control panel for sending SMSes.
  3. You can control the sender’s name.
  4. The application works automatically round the clock.
  5. It works in the background without affecting any other work.
  6. You can stop sending a SMS if you want.
  7. You do not require additional hardware for the application.
  8. The control panels are available in Arabic.
  9. The screens and forms are user friendly.
  10. The application can be integrated with any external database.



Try the service now for free !