SMS Usages, SMS Examples & SMS Samples

SMS Usages


If you are new to online SMS services and want to know the different styles of sending information/offers and various other communications, check out the SMS models we have created for your reference. Just select a business are and check out the different models you can use.


Fashion and Clothing

Summer is here! Time for you to check out our new collection! Visit us at

It’s raining discounts! Flat 20% off on all merchandise on the first floor

Buy two get one free offer! Visit our stores and get a free dress on every two dresses you buy. Hurry!

Exciting offers in store! Get 15% off on purchases exceeding 1500 SR. Offer valid till stocks last!

Education Centres

Learn the art of communicating effectively and how to be a good leader. Register with us on 96650000000 and further you career. Lines open for the next 3 days.

This is a reminder for the Communication and Leadership Skills classes that you have registered for. The classes will commence tomorrow at 11 a.m. Thank you.

We hope you benefitted from the session you attended with us. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us. We are always available for feedback.

Attractive discounts on ICDL and CCNA courses. Contact our center for more details.


Feeling hungry? Try our delicious lunch menu and stop hunger in its tracks! Visit us now!

Are you satisfied with our service? For any suggestions or complaints, please contact 96650000000. Your feedback is valuable to us.

Exciting News! Now get a kid’s meal FREE with every Mega Family Meal! So what are you waiting for?

Tuesdays are fundays! Avail Buy one Get one free offers every Tuesday! Now have lunch with your friend for the cost of one.

Network Security

This is to inform you that your account has been logged on to at 1.55 p.m. Report it if it was not you.

The activation code for your account is 556078. Enter it on the site for activation of your account.

A request for restoration of your account has been received. Account name: Ahmed Password: 123

Your Username is Mazen and Password is 567876


Hi, For today’s meal, Breakfast: 1 egg, one piece of toast and three dates. Lunch: ½ chicken breast. Dinner: Piece of toast and 2 spoons of condensed yoghurt.

Want to get fit? Get trained in special fitness exercises. Just visit us at the centre and start working out.

Special Tip: Reduce intake of sugar and exercise daily to keep yourself in shape.

Want to know about scientific reasons behind weight loss? Visit us on Sunday for an exciting session.

Clinics and Hospitals

We would like to remind you of your dentist appointment for tomorrow at 11:00 AM.

Regular check-ups with your doctor helps you reduce the chance of chronic diseases and blood pressure problems.

Special discounts on laboratory tests till 1 Dhu – Al-Qi’ad.

We wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you for choosing our service.

Schools and Universities

The results of the annual exams will be announced next Saturday on the school website.

Hi, This is to remind you that your semester premium is due by May 1st.

Please contact the Registrations Department as soon as possible. You can pay the amount at the school or on our website.

This is to inform you that the school has declared a holiday today due to the storm.


Have a nice summer with a vacation in Turkey. Call us to book your travel now!

Huge discounts on package tours to Lebanon, Oman and Egypt. Don’t miss out on a great holiday!

Book early and get 15% discount on domestic flights and hotels. Hurry!

Hi, Your upcoming flight to Turkey is at 2 p.m. on the 11th of May. Get to the airport early to save on check in time.


Inventory is running low on raw materials. Please arrange for fresh supply ASAP.

Dear Customer, Order no. 2451se has been received by the company. Please collect the merchandise at your convenience.

All personnel should contact HR as soon as possible for their quarterly reviews.

Sunday requirements: raw material 14%, Complete material 22%, manufactured material 27%.


Hi, your Samsung mobile phone has come back to us after repair. You can pick it up between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the week. Thank you.

Iphone 6 available in different colours and with attractive discounts. Visit us now to get the deal of a lifetime!

32 inch LED TV with high definition features and competitive pricing. You don’t want to miss this deal. Visit us now!

End of year discounts on all electronic devices! Upto 50% off! Hurry! Offer till stocks last.

Real Estate

High end bungalows available all over the city. Contact us for a fabulous deal.

Looking to lease office space? Contact us for great listings with minimum brokerage fee.

Buy and sell properties at great deals only with Great Listings Services. We know our way around town.

Pay for your dream house in installments or batches. Easy payments, comfortable living and a really great place to live. Contact us now.


Take your car for regular maintenance to make sure you ride problem free for a longer time.

Now get free oil change every time you bring your car to us for routine maintenance. Visit our store for premium service!

White Lexus, 2013 model available for resale at our store. Contact for price.

Buy a car from Vortex Motors and get free oil change for a year! It’s a deal you can’t refuse!

Servicing Stores

The replacement parts for your mobile device will cost 100 riyals. Please call us to confirm the replacement.

This is to inform you that your handset has been repaired successfully and you can pick it anytime during our work hours.

Now you can exchange your old phone for a brand new model and pay just the cost difference. Visit our stores now to avail offer.

Now make payments in easy installments. Buy a phone anytime you want and just pay us every month. It’s as easy as that.


Hi, you have been missing in action for a few days. Gap in training can affect your health adversely. We hope to see you at the Gym soon.

This is to remind you that your subscription expires at the end of the month. Renew your subscription for continued usage of our services.

Sign up for a two months trial with Gold Gym for the cost of just one month. Get your training basics from a professional!

Exercise Tip: Warm up before lifting weights. Make sure someone is spotting you when lifting heavy weights; it can be dangerous if not monitored.


Hi, we have multiple vacancies in your city for your role. Log into your account to apply for the hot new jobs!

HR personnel needed at MNC in the city. Send us your CV if you are interested in the position.

We see you haven’t updated your CV in a long time. An updated CV helps you look for better jobs and gets you noticed. Update you CV soon.

Not happy at your job? Sign up with JobsRUs and look through thousands of job openings with a good package. It’s that easy!


20% flat discount on all hotel bookings till April end. Stay with us in style while paying less.

Thanks for your patronage. We hope you have a wonderful time at our hotel. Stay with us again, next time around.

Welcome to Grand Hotel. Hope you like your room. For any assistance, call reception. We will be right there to help you out.

Hi, We hope you had a good time at our hotel. If you have any comments or feedback, contact customer service. Thank you.


Please share our happiness at Mohammed’s wedding ceremony at 9 p.m. tomorrow. Venue: Al-malkeka Hall.

Our dearly departed grandmother’s funeral is at Omar ibn Al-Katab mosque tomorrow. Please join us for the afternoon prayers.

We wanted to congratulate Ahmed and Sarah on getting top marks in their high school exams. Well done.

Don’t forget to join the family gathering after maghrib prayers tomorrow. A lot of fun is in store.

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