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Does often the following question pop up like “how can I reach all my customers at once”? You deal with a business that is strongly driven by customers and information to customers is considered as a core value, then you should look into your SMS service tool.

SMS service is great tool that allows access to your local and global customers with a few clicks. It’s like having your customers at your fingertips. Product launches, account information and many such activities are achieved through SMS service. It is indeed a very powerful tool to have access to the customer database at any point of time from anywhere.

However, there is one technical logic that all should know. It is about the SMS gateway. In a layman’s language a gateway is nothing but a toll on the highway. The SMS gateway works on the same concept of a toll booth. All the SMS’s sent in this world has to pass through a gateway that is governed by a protocol. The protocols include HTTP, SMTP, MTP and other web services. The gateway typically sits or is an interface between the sender/receiver and the mobile operators SMSC (short message service center).

The gateway allows transmission between a mobile network and the sender/receiver. The gateway service protocols are stringent and require high level skill. Mobily.ws does exactly the same; we are good in providing the gateways. Protocols are clean and are flexible and you can depend on us. SMS gateways, doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore.



Try the service now for free !