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Do you run a business that grows along with the customer? Do you have to deal with lot of customer information? And is reaching the global customers a difficult task for you? If all say “Yes”, then how about a solution that is sure to light up your eyes. A solution that features an SMS service is the key solution to all those aforementioned problems.

Business is going great but still you go the extra mile to reach out to customers. The customers seem farfetched when it comes to the marketing campaigns for the upcoming products and products in the pipeline. To reach to them, you do have a solution of SMS. A single SMS can reach to all the customers in the database and can deliver the required information. The work is done and seems a cake walk.

But what about the feedback from customers on certain offers that requires responses? So, do you end up receiving the replies in the same sender number? Then very soon shall the inbox be full and you will lose track on the responses. Will multiple numbers solve the problem? We don’t think so, there’s got to be some solution out there to this. What is it then?

Well, the solution is to have a 2 way SMS service account. The 2 way SMS account would offer you a cloud space and use an internet protocol to send/ receive SMS replies from your value added customers. You need not resort to a mobile operator for the search of response numbers. Rather use the internet and its facility in getting the job done. Send your messages through the 2 way to the customers and receive the replies in that as well. That justifies the service tagline. 2 ways service would generate a unique number for your account and will hold all the received SMS in the cloud. It’s like having a mobile in the cloud which is operated using remote. Mobily.ws. specializes in extending such services. The solution is simple but yet has a lot of benefits.



Try the service now for free !