Be A Reseller at Mobily

Be A Reseller


Hundreds of people are making profit by being message resellers and trading in text messages via Mobily. Join the gang and you too can earn money through commissions or direct sale of messages. Here’s how you profit through Mobily.


1. Commission

For each subscriber who registers on the website through your reference, you get a commission. The more the subscriber buys, the more money you make. The commission percentages are as follows :

% Sale price (Halalas/message)
3% 12 Halalas
9% 13 Halalas
15% 14 Halalas
20% 15 Halalas

Let’s say your customer buys 50,000 messages at 12 h, you will get 3% commission on that trade. If they buy 10,000 messages at 13 h, your commission will be 9% and so on. You can cash out your earnings when the number of purchased messages reach 50,000.


2. Trading Messages

You can trade your SMSes through the Mobily website, where it is easy to buy and sell SMSes at your convenience. You can also buy and sell messages on behalf of your customer. All you need to do is open your own account and recharge it with sufficient funds. Then you open accounts for customers and buy and sell messages on Mobily. You can transfer funds from your account to theirs for the transactions. By dealing through our website, you make the same amount of profit with the additional benefit of free technical support for your customers.


3. Providing SMSes Independantly

You could be an independent SMS provider with the help of Mobily development team. You can provide messaging services through your own website with the help of software provided to you at a minimal cost and in no time at all.

If you are an independent SMS provider, you are not going to be visibly associated with Mobily. None of the Mobily logs will be seen on your pages because your system will only be internally linked with Mobily SMS.


4. Providing SMSes Directly

Mobily offers you the chance to set up an install sophisticated transmission systems including servers, integrated programs that serve as a direct link between telecommunications systems and transmission systems, subscriber management systems, SMS filtration systems, technical support systems and other systems to help integrate these systems with each other. This procedure however requires some time and you should also have a telecommunication link to be able to do it.

These are the ways in which you can benefit from Mobily as a Provider and Reseller. Choose a method, and we will help you materialize it. If you still have queries, just contact our customer support now!