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Sending SMS through Outlook (Outlook Mobile Service - OMS)

You can now send SMS by activation the Send SMS feature at MS Outlook program, you can activate this feature directly from the Outlook program and there is no need to download or run any other applications.

All what you need is account (Create a Free account) And follow these steps :

How to Send SMS from Outlook

The following steps explain how to activate the SMS texting on outlook,
This Feature is available only on Office 2007 and 2010:

  1. Go to Tools then Account setting.
  2. At the Email page Press on Email.
  3. Chose Other and then select "Outlook mobile service (text message)" from the list, and Press on next.
  4. In the "web service address" field place the following link:

    In the user id field enter your SMS account's username followed by "/" (without the quote signs) and then the Sender Name.
    In the password field enter your SMS account's password.
    (Note: if you didn't add the sender name the sender name will be Mobile number)
    Then press OK.

  5. Restart the Outlook.
  6. To send SMS go to File – New – text message.
  7. Enter the Mobile number that you want to target in the To field (it should be in the international format), and enter your SMS text and send.

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