Mobily Toolbar Program

Mobily Toolbar

To send SMS messages, you can download Mobily Toolbar, which will be connected to your Internet Explorer or Firefox. The toolbar appears once you open the Internet Explorer to enable you to send a quick online SMS message to any number you like.

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While browsing the web, you may remember to send an important message from the website, or you may be fond of shortcuts and would like everything to be close at hand – even the Mobily SMS website.

We provide you with Mobily Toolbar programme to be installed on your PC to appear on the Internet Explorer Browser. The programme enables you to send quick messages to your numbers and groups on the website without the need to go to the website itself.

Thus, you have another fast way to access your account and send SMS messages from Mobily SMS.

Try Mobliy Mobile now; don’t hesitate contacting Technical Suppor if you have any question, query, or comment.



Try the service now for free !