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Mobily Mobile

Mobily with you anywhere Yes... You may need to send to send SMS online, but you are on a journey or away from your computer or can’t reach to internet connection...So we provided Mobily Mobile Program…Such program allows you send messages while you aren’t connected to the internet and no need to use a computer.

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Where you can install this program on your mobile to send messages to certain numbers or ones saved in the website, also you can request for credit, ask for your password, or even send or following up reminders…Yes all these features will be available on your mobile offline, where all these processes are conducted through sending and receiving SMS from your mobile.. Dear Customer…We do apologize in case of sending SMS to unknown name in your account failed …As Saudi STC won’t reach to receptionists. Download Mobily Mobile and enjoy sending and receiving messages anywhere…If you have any query, question, or comment, contact Mobily SMS Technical Support.


You can download the program on your mobile directly if you have internet connection…or download it on your PC, then move and install it on your mobile…The program works efficiently only on all old Nokia devices (Symbian).

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    Try the service now for free !