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Mobily Excel

Mobily now provides a new, distinguished service which facilitates the sending of messages for the users of Excel. It makes the process very simple without the need to download or use special programmes. You only have to download the add-ins component with Microsoft Excel. Sending SMS service is added to Microsoft Excel, enabling you to open any Excel file saved on your PC and determine the whereabouts of mobile numbers in the file and then send an SMS message to the selected numbers.

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What if you have an Excel file containing diverse information with the mobile numbers and you would like to send different messages to each number?

You can do so through Shakl service on the control panel on Mobily SMS website. But there is no need to download the file on the website or use Shakl. Only use Mobily Excel that could be installed on your PC so that Excel toolbar … and then you can send direct messages from Excel with the options of checking messages before sending and sending messages with a high number of variables to add a sense of liveliness to your messages. Every receiver will feel privacy for his/her messages.

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