Mobile Numbers

Mobile Numbers

Welcome to Jawaly Service, which allows you move numbers from you phone to you Mobily SMS account through internet connection through synchronization service, which is available in all modern mobiles. You can transfer all numbers on your mobile to your account without any additional software or cut or cables!! It’s a free service, you will only pay internet connection cost which is very cheap. To experience service click on Jawaly service inside Numbers Book in your account




What is Jawaly service?


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Jawaly service:

It is a service allows you upload your numbers directly from your phone to the website without having to be exported to a file or uploading them

What does the service provide?

It provides easy way to upload your mobile numbers automatically, processing and saving them in a private group, where you don’t need to write the numbers in a file then uploading them on the website.

Service cost

Free service and without any additional fees, but you should be online through Wifi or mobile internet



Arqam Jawaly installation steps
My Mobile Numbers Application

First: Sign in to you account on the Website, then go to my Arqam Jawaly service to use data you want to apply in the synchronize applications on the mobile.

Second: Steps to be applied on phone to do the sync:

  1. Select New Sync Mode, then write the Sync name that you want. Ex: Abu Bandr
  2. Access to Applications then select the first option (Names), then select embed in the sync, and then select Yes
  3. Access to remote database and write the phone number you entered in Mobily Website, it should in the international format and without zeros
  4. Go to Sync Type and choose (two way).





Here we finished entering all data for the application, return to the first page where the name and mode of the sync appear and do the following steps:

  1. Go to Connect Settings
  2. Go to Service Center Version and select (1.2)
  3. Go to Service Center Identifier and enter the following address:
  4. Enter to Data Carrier and select (internet),
  5. In the Access Point Section select always ask (this choice for internet connection)
  6. Go to the host address and enter
  7. In the Port Number enter 80
  8. Then in the username enter Mobily username (the mobile number you used and it should be in the international format and without zeros)
  9. Enter your Mobily password (the password you created during sync service request)
  10. Go to allow sync requests and select the Yes
  11. Enter No in Accept All Requests and select No in Verify Network

Now we have finished all steps required to be executed by mobile, and you have here to do the sync by moving back to sync section that you have created which is in our example (Abu Bander) and press on options then sync , and the program will start working (Connecting) after completing the download of numbers, press on import numbers that exist at your mobily account which is available inside Arqam Jawaly service.


  1. Be sure that the numbers are stored on your mobile not on the SIM card
  2. Be sure that the link in the Service Center Identifier does not contain https://www.
  3. When applying the sync you might asked to determine your internet network when you select it the sync will be started



Try the service now for free !