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Interactive Transmission

Is a modern and integrated system to manage voice calls. This system totally relies on 2-way messaging technology, where the user will be able to make an interactive call with nine different options or even more by sending a pre-made sound clip for clients and many sub-clips that support the initiating operation in a way that fits the available options. By initiating and receiving responses from clients while interacting whether by clicking on one of these options or by transferring calls to customer service department or any other departments. Based on that the user will be able to apply different options on the reports resulted by making these calls in order to develop following up and improvement systems in these organizations.

Interactive Transmission use

This system makes the mission of following up and improving department much easier in addition to automating the after sales services and reducing human errors caused by the huge amount of calls and responses.




Service Level Evaluation messages


Advertisement and Service descriptions messages








Price: 1.4 Halala/Second

Main message time starts counting for the sent message by “seconds” added to the waiting period specified by the message maker, in addition to calling fees “3 seconds”
in KSA only

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The prices above are subject to the sending agreement and based on the cost price and the changes occur on it.