Send From SAP

How to send SMSes through SAP

  1. Go to T-code Scot and then click on PAG and then click on create.

  2. Select the type HTTP from the node on the screen that appears. Enter a name for the selection and then click on continue.

  3. Next, select HTTP Node and click continue

  4. Enter the following URL on the screen:<password>&numbers=<orig_addr>&sender=<orig_name>&msg=<message>&applicationType=24&lang=2

    Then replace the following fields by click on the needed command
    • To modify <password> click on the password command.
    • To modify <orig_addr> click on Recipient Address command.
    • To modify <orig_name> click on Sender Address command.
    • To modify <message> click on Message Text command

    After that, input the account information that is needed to send SMSes and then click continue.

  5. Now enter the password for the account used to send SMSes and then click on continue.

  6. Now specify the maximum length for messages and choose the option Yes to convert message text into other character set. Then select the suitable character set and code.

  7. Input 1 in the field if the http response contains the following text. Then choose the option Message and it will be successfully transferred to provider. Then click on continue.

  8. Input Address area and click continue.

  9. Now specify the wait time before a failed message is resent. Click continue when done.

  10. Check the Node is ready for use option and click continue to save settings.

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Our ready-made scripts help you to connect to our gateway through your chosen programming language. These scripts all work with the HTTP API.

Listed below are a number of third party libraries, classes and scripts for other languages.




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