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Real estate business is one branch of the business world that has real materialistic potential. Acquiring properties and trading the same is something that is liked by many. However, excelling in this domain can be pretty tough.

Why is it so tough?

It’s because of the competition and the trust factor that is build up between the firm and the customer. The only way of penning down success in this domain is to have diverse customer database. Now more the customers more would be your business.


Strategizing a business like this needs a real push over the virtual world. How would people get to know you?

Well, you can penetrate the customer database by being visible to them via SMS. Yes, SMS is the way and this would surely bring in more mileage to your company. The SMS service would automatically track and remind customers about their interests. A property to be acquired can be advertised over SMS to the loyal and selected customers. It makes a lot of sense to not invest in a front page advertisement in a newspaper. The world is driven by a virtual space called the mobile space. The potential is huge and is doing exactly the same. Promo offers, launches, last few announcements, all of these information can be shared over just an SMS. Imagine all of your customers getting notified and informed at once.


Here are some of the examples;

  1. High end bungalows available all over the city. Contact us for a fabulous deal.
  2. Looking to lease office space? Contact us for great listings with minimum brokerage fee.
  3. Buy and sell properties at great deals only with Great Listings Services. We know our way around town.
  4. Pay for your dream house in installments or batches. Easy payments, comfortable living and a really great place to live. Contact us now.


Mobily Highlights:

  • Money back guarantee
  • Super-fast delivery
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Sender's Name under name of Institution
  • Free SMS sending tools
  • Missing points compensation
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Local & International SMS
  • Quick & Detailed statistics
  • API (Application Programming Interface) integration
  • SMS scheduling
  • Dedicated gateway



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