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Competition is tough and establishing a top quality customer satisfaction quotient will not be very easy. Yet yes! We are prepared for this. Almost everything is going the electronic way now. Staying up the competition needs catering customer service. The service should be of top quality and convenient. Governmental organizations will not be left behind now; reaching the customers will be a cake walk.

How? Still confused?

Well, don’t be, customers can be reached easily through an SMS. Going the mobile way is the mantra. The aim is to reach citizens, officials, auditors as soon as possible and as convenient as possible. Government schools and colleges can connect to the parents and guardians with just an SMS service. Sending out notifications and circulars will be just as easy as one would like. This convenience will add an advantage of ensuring that important circulars and notifications are not missed by the customers or stakeholders.

Purpose and why is the need?

It’s important to send out trade information in the form of tender notices. Same thing can be done with just an SMS. This can bring up more crowds and more business to the governmental organizations. Governments get the convenience of a wider variety of options to sell and trade. Confidential and personal transactions can be intimated with help of an SMS service. Cash transfers, fee collection and all financial matters can be authenticated more conveniently and can be kept transparent. Mobile number is unique to an individual and is best way to reach out to anybody. An SMS is a form of electronically generated authenticated certificate that will even suffice and support post mortem activities. Any miscommunications or fraudulent transactions can be tracked; there is no way or very minimum chance for something to go wrong with this service.

Customer reaching is the ultimate aim of any business firm. Trust will be gained when the services are streamlined.


SMS examples could be:

  1. Tender for xxx district opens on xxx date.
  2. Payment received towards electric bill bearing account number xxx.


Mobily Highlights:

  • Money back guarantee
  • Super-fast delivery
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Sender's Name under name of Institution
  • Free SMS sending tools
  • Missing points compensation
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Local & International SMS
  • Quick & Detailed statistics
  • API (Application Programming Interface) integration
  • SMS scheduling
  • Dedicated gateway



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