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Natural calamities and day to day social problems are never-ending and can come up at any given time. In such scenarios, charity and charitable organizations are there to help. But, as the name suggests, charity is not a self-firm, it requires the help from donators to sustain the various activities.

How do you connect to the audience or crowd? How do you shout it out?

An awesome way of connecting to the world of donators would be through SMS. Just imagine if all can connect and authenticate donations through an SMS. Isn’t that cool?

Think of a charity event organization, now how do you go about getting support from a mass? Reaching out physically is impossible and would be very foolish. Why not reach out to them or even bigger numbers through this service?

At some point, it may also be essential that you gain support for a cause. This task would be a cake walk with a service like this. Expansion of contours in any such situations is definitely possible through SMS. This service proves out to be very effective and convenient as because there are over billion of mobile users across the globe. Just imagine, reaching out to them with just a click. Not only for gaining support for a particular cause, it will also be easy to maintain an on-going campaign. Remote support is possible too. All in all, the service would just be right one for you and can give your social reason a long leap boost.

Well, is the right platform for the activities of such a firm. SMS confirmations and add services will be taken care of easily. The reach to the people is huge and that’s what you need. Your need will be served.

Mobily Highlights:

  • Money back guarantee
  • Super-fast delivery
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Sender's Name under name of Institution
  • Free SMS sending tools
  • Missing points compensation
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Local & International SMS
  • Quick & Detailed statistics
  • API (Application Programming Interface) integration
  • SMS scheduling
  • Dedicated gateway



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