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One-Way Voice Messages

Many organizations are wondering about the perfect way that enable them to send news and advertising messages to their clients, but unfortunately they face the obstacle of the limited content to be sent through text messages. therefore, the need of voice messages became necessary in order to overcome these obstacles and enable these organizations to send larger content by recording it as a sound clip and send it to their clients as a voice call.
In mobily.ws, we have developed and created the needed technical systems that will make facing and overcoming these obstacles much easier, in order to use this technology in a perfect way.

One-way voice messaging use

Many companies and organizations use voice messaging in order to guarantee that these messages will reach their clients effectively. Voice messaging is an effective way especially for time sensitive messages, such as:




emergency messages, immediate updates (sudden) on events


verification messages for subscriptions and mobile applications


advertising messages


reminding and warning messages








Price: 1.4 Halala/Second

Main message time starts counting for the sent message by “seconds” added to the waiting period specified by the message maker, in addition to calling fees “3 seconds”
in KSA only

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The prices above are subject to the sending agreement and based on the cost price and the changes occur on it.