DLL Messaging

DLL Messaging (Sending SMS using DLL)

You can upgrade your program, by using our DLL file with it. It will add the Mobily SMS feature to your pre-existing program

Follow the three simple steps to start using Mobily.ws SMS Gateway:

  1. Register for free on the Mobily SMS website and get free trial messages
  2. Download the special DLL file for programmers ...
    You will find instructions on how to connect with Mobily.ws SMS Gateway according to adopted language or technology.
  3. Map your system with Sending Gateway through the Web Service

If you have any queries, Contact Us and our programmers' team will be happy to help you out.

You can also top-up your SMS credit after the trial period for reasonable prices. For more information, visit Prices and Methods of Payment.



Our ready-made scripts help you to connect to our gateway through your chosen programming language. These scripts all work with the HTTP API.
Listed below are a number of third party libraries, classes and scripts for other languages.




Examples for API