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About Us

Mobily.ws SMS: Fast, Secure, and Creative!

Mobily.WS SMS is a powerful application specialized in fast and secure communication. Through the creative services and advanced solutions Mobily offers, business owners, individuals, investors, and institutions can all communicate with each other with ease and without any boundaries.

Great Achievements … Proven Success!

Since establishment, Mobily SMS has proven itself in different areas and aspects; Mobily.ws success story starts in Saudi Arabia where it is considered to be number one messaging. Furthermore, it continued formulating its success story by achieving rapid growth in both business and profits, where in a short period of time number of active customer exceeded 30,000 from different sectors and business areas. Number of messages sent through the site exceeded 3 billion. Mobily.ws got many certificates of appreciation from Saudi telecom companies and major institutions, for Mobily.ws site to stand out as a business leader in the world of e-commerce in the field of mobile messages in the Middle East.



We aim to be the pioneers in providing the highest level of information technology and communication services and software development in the Middle East.


Provide the best Mobile Messaging services that are tailored to the users’ needs that can make communication more effective, secure, and faster.

How it Works

Targeted the Kuwait market

  • Targeted the Kuwait market through a regional office.
  • Ranked first in SMS sales in Saudi Arabia.
  • The number of registered users of the site reaches more than 2, 500,000.

Opened a branch in Jeddah

  • Opened a branch in Jeddah for its customers.
  • The annual rate of the number of SMSes exceeded 300 million service messages.
  • A number of schools in Saudi Arabia also affiliated with it.

The Riyadh branch started operations

  • The Riyadh branch started its operations.
  • A regional office in Algeria was set up to target that region.
  • Ranked first in SMS sales in Saudi Arabia; rank maintained till date.

More than 1.5 billion messages

  • Started providing mobile application development services for iPhone and Android.
  • More than 1.5 billion messages successfully delivered through the site.
  • Ranked first in SMS sales in Saudi Arabia.

Provided web applications and websites

  • Provided several web applications and website development services.
  • Developed a wide range of SMS products and programs.

Opened in Amman

  • A software branch of the company specializing in software and customer services opened in Amman.
  • Started getting direct links from telecommunication companies.

Company began operating

  • The company started its business officially in Saudi Arabia in Al-Khobar.
  • The official declaration of the Mobily website was made.


  • The idea for the Mobily website came into being.